Introducing System Quikdraw, the new sheriff in town when it comes to high quality, innovative products that elevate safety and efficiency. 


A breakthrough improvement for gloves.

The method of putting on gloves has remained unchanged since their invention. Traditionally, it involves using both hands, which can be cumbersome and hinder multi-tasking or responding to emergencies that demand quick glove application. Our debut product, Gloveslinger, transforms this process into a swift entry single-handedly or with both hands simultaneously, enhancing safety and efficiency.


Fastest Glove in the West World

BANG!!! You're old gloves are dead.

Time to bury them and get these.

Elevated Safety and Efficiency

Gloveslingers add safety and save time especially for multi-tasking ninjas.


Never Lose Them

Stop looking for your gloves! The innovative loop lock secures your Gloveslingers conveniently by your side.

Quikdraw Holster

The Quikdraw Holster is designed to accomodate various types of gloves and accessories coming soon .


Vaughn Conrath - Cable Technician

"Working in the cable business, you're constantly on ladders. OSHA says we have to maintain three points of contact on the ladder and being able to pop a glove off quickly to work on fittings is a game changer." 


Andrea Evangelista - Owner/Operator Tiger Services

"I like the quality of the gloves and the constant convenience of having them with me while working."



Gloveslingers are high quality gloves with a guarantee that 

your hands will fall in glove with them.

If, for any reason, you wish to part ways, simply ship them back for a full refund.


Hand's Best Friend

  Adopt a Gripdog and keep one in your car and at home to protect your hands for dirty tasks such as pumping gas, touchscreens,  grab bars, handrails, restroom doors and or more extreme tasks like hot oven racks, dry ice or broken glass. Gripdog is made from a tough conductive silicone material that works on touchscreens and is both high-temperature and low temperature resistant. Unlike silcone oven mitts Gripdog is much thicker and bigger for a wrap aound fit suitable for grabbing heavier things like gas pump nozzles or extension cords. It comes with one Gripdog, a high quality retractable leash and stow pouch.

Hold on to your hats, partners, because this is just the beginning!

We've got other cutting-edge innovations in-the-works and invite you to collaborate with us on this journey.

Step into a world Where Speed Meets Safety.

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